A Deed Restricted Community

We enforce our deed restrictions
Effective January 2015
Bob Schneider President 597-3632
Chris McCormack Vice President  556-4069
Yvonne Caskey Secretary (786) 251-2289
Godfrey Eason Treasurer 597-9916
Dave Brockhoff Director 592-3766
Patti Hoffman Director 686-9406
Paula Morton Director 597-1220
Mike Kania Director 650-7794
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Lake in the Woods is having our first annual amateur dog show on May 2 at 10am

on the island.

This is for all breeds, mixed or not. Categories to be judged on are;

smallest, largest, best personality, best dressed, best smoocher, best trick

All dogs must be leashed at all times

Come and participate or just come to watch. Everyone is welcome.

There will be snow cones and pop corn. It's all free




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